Classic Jukeboxes

Rock-Ola 1475 Tempo 1

This is a very nice classic collectable Jukebox from 1959 with a production span of only 1700 , it has a lot of originality and looks great.

They are available  in either 120 or 200 selection.

120 Selection from £7995.00

200 Selection from £9000.00

Rock-Ola Empress

Made in 1962 in stereo and available in 120 & 200 selection.

From: £8750.00

Rock-Ola Regis

Available in either 120 or 200 selection and with the record playing mechanism completely in view, it is difficult not to be mesmerised by the mechanics of the records moving past the gripper, the selection of the record and rotated onto the turntable and then watching the tonearm move across and drop down to play the record!

From: £8500.00

Rock-Ola Princess 1493

Made in 1962 a compact machine with a curved front glass which allows a view of the mechanism, rich metallic violet colours and available in 100 selection. Will this jukebox, we are able to offer several colour options.

From: £4900.00

A.M.I. Model “H” 1957

Incorporating all the style and reliability we come to expect from this manufacturer.

They are available in 120 or 200 selection

From: £POA

A.M.I. model “I” 1958

This is one of my favourite Jukeboxes the AMI I. AMI produced the range for styling and reliability. It brings together the music and the fashion of the great 1950′s era.

We have a choice of both manual and electrical select, but best of all we have the BAL AMI version in stock.

Because they are one of the most iconic jukeboxes of the late 50's the availability is now becoming rare, although they were

made in 120 or 200 select, the 200 version is becoming the hardest to find.

From: £POA

A.M.I. models “J” & “K” 1959/1960

With the introduction of Stereo sound in 1959 A.M.I. produced the model “J” and “K” with it’s much improved amplifier and mechanism, giving a wonderful sound and improved reliability yet maintaining the full auto styling of the AMI “H” & “I”.

From: £4950.00

A.M.I. “Continental”

Continental in 1961, with its domed glass to view the record selected and its wrap round wing to display the 200 selections, it truly was a unique jukebox.

From: £10000.00

A.M.I. “Continental” 2

In 1962 the Continental 2 was introduced in a 100 and 200 selection version, this was AMI’s last jukebox before its merger / take-over by ROWE to become “Rowe Ami”.

From: £10250.00