CD & New Jukeboxes

Wurlitzer Classic 2000 CD Jukebox

- CD changer for up to 100 cd’s
- Stereo amplifier k99 with 2 x 55w rms
- Connections for additional speakers, amplifier and microphone
- Infrared remote control for volume, mute, title selection and cancel
- Mono subwoofer with separate amplifier
- Dimensions: h 145cm x w 90cm x d 75cm x weight 170kg

Wurlitzer “One More Time” CD

- iPod version now available
- Combines the design of the classical 1015 with todays technology.
- 200 watts of music power.
- 6 speakers in a 3 way stereo system.
- Stores up to 100 CDs.
- Plays more than 50 hours of music and up to 1250 selections.
- Infrared remote available for volume control.
- Can be linked to an external amplifier, speakers and microphone.
- Now comes with Ipod at extra cost.
- Available in Onxy or White only.

Also available in other finishes.

From: £5600

Wurlitzer Princess

- CD changer for 120 CDs.
- Stereo amplifier, 2 x 55 watts RMS.
- Microprocessor control unit.
- Connection for external loudspeaker.
- Connections for microphone and external amplifier.
- Program holder for 120 CD title cards.
- Frame for wall mounting.

From: £4000

Rock-Ola Bubbler

- Made with Walnut, Satinwood, Alder, Popular and Oak hardwoods.
- Custom built industrial mechanism, amplifier and computer.
- 11 button remote.

Optional Equipment

- 27 button full function deluxe remote control.
- CD Album, holds 100 jacket covers and title strips.
- Now comes with Ipod at extra cost.