Musuem of power

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Just returned from the classic car & hot rod show at the Musuem of Power in Maldon Essex. We had taken a pitch at the show to present some classic jukeboxes to a good crowd of This proved to be a good idea, as the stand was crowded most of the day, until the rain came down about 2.30 and put paid to the rest of the day.It was a great day for & we met a lot of interested people. So another slot of next year.


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We are doing another container in November from Chicago, so if anyone wants to ship a jukebox back to the UK, please contact us before the 7th November 2011

Container Arrived From America

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In November 2010, at the Chicagoland show, Laurance Richardson & myself, with the added help from Bill Harley ( who helps me in the shop)

and Jim Adams from Detroit, we filled a 40ft container with jukeboxes dating from 1934 up to the 1990′s

The container arrived in Felixstowe mid December, where it was unloaded with all it’s goody’s intact. so I now new stock to start on

My list of jukeboxes is

Rock-ola Tempo 1 120 select

Rock-ola Tempo 2 120 select

Rock-ola princess 100 select

Ami G200

Ami I 200 E

Wurlitzer 2104

If anyone would be interested in any of the above jukeboxes in the unrestored condition. please contact me  on 07802 343766

To make space for the above, I need to sell several jukeboxes at a bargain price.

Nsm Satellite all working, can deliver £600.00

Nsm Wallmount CD              “        “          £400.00

Sound Leisure Royal CD as is                  £300.00

Why You Should Choose A Jukebox by Derek J

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You are planning a function and on your check-list is the item: Entertainment. Choosing the right entertainment for your event is crucial to the success thereof. If your event is boring and not entertaining to your guests then you run the risk of losing most of the audience right after desert is served.

People are social animals and tend to follow others, in other words if some guests start to excuse themselves from your event then more people will follow and soon you will have one of those sad parties where everyone is just looking for an excuse to leave.

Having sketched that ultimate disastrous party I am here to offer you a solution. Choose a jukebox for your next function and be sure that your party will be a success and that you will eventually have to shove the crowd out the door.

Most jukeboxes offer in excess of 10,000 songs. Some over 20,000. This means that you will cater for everyone’s taste in music and entertainment. The best part is that your guests will choose their songs and that means that they will be happy with the entertainment and feel themselves part of the party.

A modern jukebox is easy to use and choosing the right track is a breeze. Most modern jukeboxes are touch-screen operated, so its easier than ever to find what you’re looking for. You don’t need to be a tech-wizard, or computer boff to operate it.

If you have a crowd that is a bit shy and no-one wants to be the first to select a song then the jukebox will play randomly until a choice is made. Just like a virtual DJ. So no awkward silences while the party takes shape.

The jukebox comes with a quality sound system that can cater for up to 100 guests. The best part is that even if you are planning a bigger event then the sound system can easily be upgraded to cater for larger crowds.

A jukebox is not dependant on time or day of the week. A DJ or band will always have the limit of availability. A jukebox on the other hand is available seven days a week and if the party goes on beyond the scheduled time, the jukebox will still play and not claim to have to go home like a DJ or band.

Most of the jukebox providers offer easy upgrades, which come at an extra cost. Just ensure that you get professional advice from the jukebox vendor company. Explain to them what you need and they will be able to advise you on the best system for your event.

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DerekJay Entertainment specializes in Jukebox Hire and Jukebox Rental in Johannesburg & Cape Town, South Africa

Jukebox Co Blog Goes Live

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Welcome to the Jukebox Co blog. Please bookmark our blog as we will be constantly updating it with lots of useful information.